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TrafficTweet saves you time by providing real-time traffic reports anywhere in the world. It allows you to build and share traffic information using your Twitter account.

Not sure which road to take for your ride home?

Use TrafficTweet to view the latest traffic accidents, lane closures, and other alerts on an interactive map. Zoom in and out around the map to get a closer look. TrafficTweet aggregates traffic data from multiple sources.

Stuck in traffic?

Tweet the road status to your friends using your twitter account. Reporting the current speed conditions with a click of button. Let your friends know if you are running late, which roads to avoid, when there are accidents, construction, and lane closures. You can even tweet about speed traps. You will be a hero for saving time for your friends.

Planning a trip?

Quickly search for traffic conditions anywhere in the world using the powerful search function. TrafficTweet is your best traffic advisor when you are on the go.

Coverage Notes:

Traffic coverage varies from city to city. We rely on driving community like you to collect the best possible data. As more people use the application, the quality of the data improves. So Tweet away!

We are committed to continually improving the quality of the alert data and simplifying the user experience.